Tequeños Gourmet. Heat and Serve.
Approximate size is 2″x 1″x 1″
18 Units Resealable Packs.
One of our signature products. Handcrafted with passion.
A Venezuelan Cheese Finger of superior quality. Semi-Salted Queso Blanco
wrapped on a thin film of golden-brown fried dough for the
ultimate delicious taste.


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Tequeños are Venezuelan cheese fingers. They are hot and crispy.
Usually they come as Hours D’Oeuvre in parties and gatherings.
However, you can have them as snacks or fast food.
Tequeños are addictive and fun to eat. You can have them even at breakfast.
Their spiral shape and scent of flour dough will water your mouth when smelled.

Within the first crispy bite, the delight and the taste of their molten
“Queso Blanco” will capture your senses, urging you to quickly
reach for the next before their gone.

Tequeños serve hot to enjoy their crispy, cheesy, and salty flavor.
They taste better by dipping them into a Thousand Island Sauce.

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