By placing an order on this website you agree to the terms and conditions stated in this shipping and returns policy.
If you have not agreed yet, you will do when you check mark “Agree to the Terms and Conditions” at the checkout section.

The Hallaca Factory reserves the right to refuse service on any given customer at any given time.
Our fulfillment center is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All orders ship from zip code 33311.

We ship anywhere in the Continental US including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
We do not ship to Canada or Mexico. We only ship within the USA.

All orders containing perishable items will have $5.00 dollar insulated box and cold packs fee.

We ship on insulated boxes to mantain perishables items at a proper temperature during transit, which in most cases is 2 to 3 days.
Our insulated boxes also contain re-usable gel-packs and in some cases dry ice to maintain products frozen during most of the transit time of the order.
If dry ice applies to your order there will be an additional $5.00 charge.

If you live on Mountain Time, or Pacific Time, we strongly recommend to use the “Express” option instead of the “USPS Priority Mail”,
this ensures a much faster, and most important, guaranteed delivery times.

The USPS promises 2nd day on most major metro areas however, they seldom keep their delivery promises, and screw up a lot.
Avoid using this option unless you know your post man very well, and he knows you, and it is not a busy time of the year.
Keep in mind you are ordering food that you are going to be eating at a later time however, the choice is ultimately yours.
(If a mail parcel is delayed, please do not blame it on us. “We warned you”
The previous case doesn’t  apply to dry products. If you are only ordering dry good sometimes depending on what it is, the mail service is more convenient than the other services.

It is extremly recommended to refrigerate or freeze upon arrival, cold and frozen products. Whatever the case might be.

We do not ship Thursdays, or Fridays to avoid weekend interruptions.

Orders received late in the week, meaning late on Wednesdays, will be shipped the next following Monday.
In the event that following Monday a holiday is being observed it will then ship on Tuesday.

No Perishables will be shipped to a PO BOX.
 If you have a non-USPS address and cannot afford to have the shipping carrier changed, since nor FedEx or UPS deliver to PO Boxes,
please “notify us” by dropping a note on the: “Special Instructions to the Order”

In the event that the customer do not have a mail receptacle or lives on a rural area or a new development, and must have their parcels sent to a PO Box please “notify us” by dropping a note on the: “Special Instructions to the Order”, or if the customer simply don’t have a mail recepctacle, please include both addresses, the PO Box number and the Physical Address as well. It is a good practice to use the “Company” field, on the delivery screen to write the PO Box #.

If you are planning a gather, party, or an event an need your goods before certain date, please avoid complicartions.
We are not mind readers. “notify us” by dropping a note on the: “Special Instructions to the Order”

If you plan to travel and have a short dead line, “notify us” by dropping a note on the: “Special Instructions to the Order”

We cannot remind you enough: We do not ship to PO Boxes via UPS or FedEx, avoid delays and complications.
If you must have your order shipped to a Post Office Box, for whatever reason you must choose USPS, no exceptions and remember:
notify us” by dropping a note on the: “Special Instructions to the Order”

Attention this is very important:
The Hallaca Factory will not be liable for spoilage of products due to forgotten pickups, packages left out in the sun, at the back or side door, stolen, broken due to extreme rough handling, or ripped out by the dogs, misplaced behind the steps, delivered elsewhere or next door, postman did not ring the bell, etc.
We do not remote control what the delivery man does. Remember the saying “Every head is its own world” all drivers and mail men think different and operate different.
The Hallaca Factory sole reponsibility is to sell, and pack the parcels in the most professional way, to ensure a sucessful delivery.
If any of the above unfortunatelly occurs, and trust us, “stuff happens”, it will be considered bad luck!
You been warned, track your package, avoid any of this happening to you.
Whatever occurs after a parcel has been picked up, is beyond our means, so please, take the necessary precautions, let your neighbor know, or have the order shipped to your place of business. Avoid delays and complications.
Make sure you double check and write your “complete delivery address” along with lot#, suite#, or apt number.

We cannot remind you enough:
Do not assume the mail man “knows you” or the “concierge knows you“.
Anything is possible! The day of the delivery it could be the locum filling in for the regular.
Double check and write your complete delivery address, along with lot, suite, or apt number. Thank you in advance!

If for whatever reason a package is returned to the sender for being undeliverable, we will work with the customer, in order to figure out what could have caused the return, and try to work out a solution along with the customer once a short investigation has been completed by us.
Based on the result and the situation, we will come to a resolution hopefully beneficial for both parties.

Customers placing orders on this website hereby agree that it is the customer’s sole responsibility to look and track after their package to ensure a succesful delivery; and for such task, The Hallaca Factory hereby, agrees to email a tracking number to the customer, once the parcel has been shipped. The Hallaca Factory will not be responsible for tracking numbers not being delivered due to email typos or emails falling on junk mail folders.

Below you will find a map of “Ground” shipping transit times with FedEx. We ship from Florida 33319
(Next Day Delivery with Ground in FL) except for the Pan Handle area.
You know you are in the Pan Handle if you are on Central Time.

The Hallaca Factory will not issue refunds on mischosen shipping services.