Ham Cachitos.
4 in a Pack.

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The Cachito, as its name suggests, is a small bread in the shape of a horn.
Above all, it is undoubtedly the “Venezuelan Croissant.” Its dough is soft
and thin. Its fill is sweet ham, sometimes cheese. When Cachitos are in
the oven you can smell the scent from blocks away.
Cachitos are great in the morning with coffee, or fruit juice.
In the afternoons, they are simply the greatest snack.

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Brief Story

Before reading this story, I want you to know that in Italy there is a
snack called “Cornetto” If you been in Italy you know what I am
talking about. Cornetto literally means Cachito. Enough said…

Following the story I found doing online research. Enjoy!
The Cachito was created by a baker from Petare, nicknamed Cachito
during the 1950s. They say he always carried a pipe. Cachito worked
in Mrs. Duarte’s bakery and in on one occasion when Christmas time
passed and the time for ham bread was over, he thought of making a
bun with a curved shape, that he filled with ham. He took it to Mrs.
Duarte who asked what was that? and he replied: “Well a roll, to see if
it sells. It is made with the Christmas leftover ham. “Mrs. Duarte then
told him to put it on the window. People were struck by it and they
asked what the muffin was called, the lady did not know what to
answer, until one day she said: “Well, if the bread was made by Cachito,
why not call it that.” And in this way, it was baptized “Cachito.”

Anónimo (2017, April 12). Petare, el pueblo que inventó El Cachito panadero
lejos de Caracas. Caracas cuéntame Caracas.

Air Fryer Directions

From frozen, pre-heat your air fryer to 350°F
Drop the Cachitos and air fry for about 6 to 10 minutes.
Make sure to turn them at halftime to prevent from burning.

¡Buen Provecho!


Microwave Directions

We do not recommend putting the Cachitos in the microwave
oven, but if you have no choice here is the best way to do it.
Let the Cachitos sit outside the freezer for about 15 minutes
prior to heating them up. Then set the power of your mic to
and warm them up for about 2 minutes and enjoy.

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