Pan de Jamón


Pan de Jamón is a loaf of bread stuffed with ham, olives, bacon, and raisins.
This is a tradition during the holidays. In Venezuela during the Christmas season
you can find this delicacy in any corner or bakery. One of our many Signature Products.
Available All Year Round. Ready to Eat. Heat & Serve.

The smell of this appetizing bread when it is in the oven awakes your senses,
waters your mouth, and makes you ravenous unconsciously.

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Pan de Jamón. 2lbs Average Weight.
(Made to order) It takes about a week to be ready.
It ships freshly baked every time.
Order yours today! And enjoy a unique culinary experience.

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Weight 3.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


The famous ham bread is a creation that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, which little by little was transformed into a custom until becoming essential every December.

But what is your true story? Here we show you.

The ham bread is exclusive to Venezuela, it was created here and only eaten here.

Venezuelan writer Miro Popic, spent years researching its origin and finally everything was reflected in “The Book of Pan de Jamón”, published almost 30 years ago. At the beginning it was called “The bread with ham”, when it was invented in 1905 in the Bakery “Ramella” that was in the popular corner of Gradillas in Caracas. At that time, only “Jambon de Paris” French Style Ham that was flattened after being soaked with wines, cloves, pineapples, cinnamon and paper, and it was made with bread dough. Then, other bakeries competing to make this delicacy which were many, imitated this creation and started adding raisins and olives. After the 1940s, Pan de Jamon began to be made with regular oven ham market. But it was not the same, neither the dough nor the filling. Now everything is more industrial, with less taste and art. The ham bread has undergone some alterations that go beyond the original recipe. There are versions with puff pastry, rich in butter and more brittle, even vegetarian.

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