Queso de Mano


Fresh Soft White Chesse
3 Big Round Pcs. 24oz
Made in the USA

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The hand cheese or Queso de Mano is a fresh white cheese of spun pasta. It comes from the enzymatic coagulation process of whole or raw cow’s milk. This is the most emblematic, notorious, and native of all the Venezuelan cheeses. The name derives from the elaboration process. When it is fresh it has a taste of freshly milked milk, very similar to the taste of the Queso Guayanés. The difference is mostly the shape. Its popularity lays on the fact that is the official stuffing to Cachapas . However, this cheese it’s also fascinating with arepas. Mostly anything you can eat with this delicacy. For example, it can be a glorious experience, when accompanying hallaquitas de chicharron. It can be madness in little bites to the point it can make you sigh. Its origins go back to the 16th century where livestock activity was one of the most important commodities in Venezuela. Queso de Mano is the “Venezuelan Mozzarella.”


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