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Fresh Soft White Cheese 16oz

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Fresh Soft White Cheese.
The Queso Guayanés is a must have when eating arepas.
Its fresh and soft texture makes it a unique culinary experience when tasting it.

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Queso Guayanés is an artisan Venezuelan cheese.
It originated in Upata, a town located in the Bolivar
state in a region called Guayana. Hence, the name.
Queso Guayanés is essential when arepas, cachapas,
or empanadas show up on the table. It is an extremely
fresh cheese. It tastes like cow’s recently milked milk.
Its soft texture it’s a total delight. It melts in the mouth
like buttermilk. It is also a  great appetizer when sitting
at a rural meat restaurant. Therefore, is a must-have on
the table when in a (carne en vara) place.
Queso Guayanés it is definitely a cornerstone of the
Guyanese region where the Gran Sabana is located.
In Venezuela, it is difficult to find cheese factories mass
producing it. Hence, they sell it out on the roads where
craftspeople and small farmers make a living by  selling it.
Because refrigeration tends to modify its texture and flavor,
it must be consumed within 2-3 days.
However, the one sold in this website by us has different texture
and characteristics because is made in the USA.