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Pre Cooked White Corn Meal 1Kg
Harina de Maíz Blanca

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Dr. Luis Caballero Mejías, a Venezuelan engineer, created precooked arepa flour in the 1950s. When he sold his patent to Empresas Polar, he use the money to fund a system of technical schools. Later, Empresas Polar, a Venezuelan corporation that specializes in beer and malted drinks, created an industrial manufacturing process in 1954 and introduced the brand in 1960. The invention of pre-cooked maize meal, which revived the ancient method of making arepas, gave rise to the P.A.N. brand in Venezuela. Currently, it is a well-known worldwide brand with an expanding product line that includes frozen meals, mixes, corn meal, sauces, spreads, and other items. This brand is available in over 100 countries worldwide.

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