Cocosette Maxi


Cocosette Maxi
Coconut Cream Wafers
Multipack 6 units of 50g each
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Cocosette Maxi. Get ready for a coconut-flavored kiss!
Cocosette is a crunchy wafer filled with delicious coconut cream.
A treat as pleasant as a kiss!

When you are looking for wafer cookies, you can always find the traditional:
vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. It is time to break that monotony!
Venezuela imprinted its Caribbean stamp into an extraordinary Coconut cookie wafer.
Cocosette is the perfect combination of a crunchy wafer interlaced with layers of sweet coconut cream.

Cocosette Maxi coconut wafer has been part of the Venezuelan snacking habits since 1956.
From the very beginning, its flavor has been widely compared to the sweet feeling of a kiss.
Don’t miss out on your Venezuelan coconut kiss!

Have a little taste of Cocosette as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.
It also an excellent option for an after-meal sweet bite.
Unwrap and enjoy. It pairs perfectly with a cup of milk or a hot beverage (coffee or tea).

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