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Delicious Milk Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts Rounds.

36 Unit Box.

The story behind a Toronto

" I didn't create it, I helped develop it ", Ernst Weitz.

Mr. Ernst Weitz left Poland just before the Nazi invasion . He came to these lands (Venezuela) to sweeten our lives, and his. At just 19 years he became an apprentice industrial confectioner in Vienna, where he learned some of the secrets of what would be his craft and passion of life. "I left the English Channel to Maracaibo fleeing war and never thought of coming back ."

"The ' Ping pong ' was one of the first successes. We started to sell them in cans of two and a half kilos and sold them in retail grocery stores . But as we saw that the American products were in high demand and bagged, we started working on the machinery for the new type of packaging. Each product was a challenge Savoy I worked three times but I always went through not so good times" funny notes .

He came with a contract to the State of Zulia (The Oil Zone) but soon would move to the capital: "It turns out that my former bosses in Vienna came to Venezuela as well and when I arrived in Caracas they had "The Viennese Bakery" in Sabana Grande. I did not know much about it ... my thing was more the industrial processes". However, soon after, Ernst would become part of the initial team of a Venezuelan confectionery industry: Savoy.

"In 1942 they were only three brothers and a small team. Everything was very rudimentary and worked up to 24 hours a day to achieve the first products, "says Mr. Ernst who was in Savoy since the chocolates were sold for a "Locha" (an old form of currency much like a penny) and they were called" Neapolitan ".

Develop machinery, process, manage and packaging temperatures, solve problems and turn them into consumer products was their time and hobby. "That was my difference for me was not a job it was an entertainment. I can not do anything other than develop products, find solutions, invent things, "he muses Ernst at 90 years.

And this is how the Polish confectioner was involved in the development of one of the flagship products of the Savoy brand, which is now intrical part of the venezuelan taste memory, the 'Toronto'. "We created the process to give that hazelnut, covered with soft chocolate hazelnut paste -first coverage was very difficult to work and we should cool very artesanalmente-, then a second layer of chocolate and finally a gloss polished with a thin syrup ... Once the process was developed and the equipment was very easy but getting there was not so simple."

It never is. His experience made him walk by Marlon and engage with other product and touched to devise ways to achieve more easily peel bananas when tostoncitos were a novelty. "I worked up in the plan manicero in El Tigre with the agroindustrial group". A golden age for peanuts and cashews in Anzoategui State, the mid-70s.

It was in the United States and Europe with large companies learned about packaging and processes and sometimes tried to become independent.'Ernst "I get the fondant from the fond', Ernst "The jam ferment's on me' ... I always helped whom he considered friends, and always was happy to bring a solution to the problem. I'm not proud of a particular product, but solutions and inventions that I introduced. That is what I'm proud of, I did not invent it, but I contributed to manufacture it, I was part of it ... ". Efforts that are not baloney!,
Ernst Weitz despite its name and origin has a lot to do with "the Venezuelan flavor."

Mr. Ernst Weitz died in 2014.


Delicious Milk Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts Rounds.

36 Unit Box.

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