• 90 Tequeños

90 Tequeños. Pre-Cooked. Heat and Serve.

Loaded with the most delicious lightly salted Queso Blanco,
wrapped in a flavorful buttery dough for the ultimate delicious taste,
and sealed to golden brown perfection.

"Approximate" Size is 2"x1"x1"

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Limited Time Only.

The tequeño or cheese stick is normally served as hors d'oeuvres
and it can also turn into a quick meal.
A stick shaped of lightly salted Queso Blanco
wrapped in a spiral shape of all-purpose flour dough
that is then fried until golden brown. 

It must be eaten hot to enjoy its crispy taste and flavor to the fullest.
You should serve it with a Venezuelan-style Thousand Island Sauce.

90 Tequeños

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