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The Cachito, as its name suggests, is a bread in the shape of a horn in a dough that is soft, thin, and perfumed, stuffed with ham, sometimes ham and cheese or just cheese. It is usually accompanied by cafe con leche or a fruit juice. There are those who like them stuffed with turkey breast instead. In any case it's always tasty.

The Venezuelan ham cachito is a roll of sweet-flavored wheat dough, stuffed with cooked ham and bacon, which is very popular all over Venezuela along with the arepas, cachapas and empanadas. Generally, it is sold and made in bakeries and eaten daily at any time of the day, although a ham cachito at breakfast, with orange juice or cafe con leche, is the favorite fast food when on the run. There are many stories about the origin of this delicacy and almost all relate the relationship that the Portuguese who came to our land seeking shelter and work, started their lives by opening bakeries. One version of the story tells that the cachito is a transformation of the croissant recipe, which was very difficult to prepare in lands as warm as the Caribbean, also there is another story that very little is known or has been disclosed and is that the iconic Cachito was created in Petare. Petare was back then a small village east of Caracas and it is characterized by being a pioneer in many things for Venezuela, for example they had the first factory of rifles. But perhaps his most important contribution is the popular Cachito.

El Cachito, yes, but the Cachito was not like today: an elongated bread with straight spikes, the real Cachito had its ends bent and looked like two real horns. El Cachito was created by a baker from Petare, nicknamed "cachito" and they say that he was always smoking pipe. Cachito worked in Mrs. Duarte's Central Bakery and once upon a time when the Christmas season eneded and the time for Pan de Jamón was over, he made a little bread that he stuffed with ham and maded in a curved shape, then he took it to lady Duarte, who asked him - what is that? The baker told her: "Well, a little bread", to see if it sells, it is made with the ham that was left over, Mrs. Duarte told him to put it in the window, where it immediately caught the attention of the people who repeatedly asked what was is the name of this little bread, and since Mrs Duarte did not know what to answer, one day she said: Well, if the bread was made by Cachito, why not call it that, and in this way it was baptized, Cachito.

Cachitos (Free Shipping)

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