About Us

We are exited you are here.
We are a Food Distributor, Mail Order Business.
We are not a Restaurant, Bakery or Grocery Store.
However, if you are in the area and wish to swing by to purchase our products, you are most welcome.
Our Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm
If you need assistance in placing an order call 954 461-5415
If you call after hours please leave a message.

We are Venezuelan Americans who can not avoid keeping our roots and culinary traditions here in the states.
Just like every other etnic group in America, we celebrate every holiday with a little something from our culture.
Little did we know when we started this business, that the Hallaca had so many fans in the United States.
We are proud to introduce you to our culinary heritage through the creation of a real Venezuelan icon:
"The Hallaca", pride and a masterpiece of our traditonal cuisine.
Our mission is to supply you with the most popular dish that dresses up the Christmas celebrations.
Because we know that Venezuelans, and everyone who lived in it for a long time, when the holidays arrive,
they all long for the Hallacas.
That is why we have dedicated ourselves to produce a high quality Hallaca, selecting the best ingredients
and crafting it with love and pride. Maintaining the tedious home made rigorous process.

We have mastered the art of shipping perishables.
We appreciate your support.